First progress in the kitchen

Most people consider the kitchen to be the most important room in the house.  In the planning process, we agonized, seriously AGONIZED, over how to arrange our kitchen.  If there was ever a time in the renovation when our marriage was put to the test, it was definitely the kitchen layout that caused the most tension.  Right honey?  Good times.

[Edit from Amy: Oh yes, good times.   Let’s do it again for old times sake.]

As a result of the high stakes involved in planning a kitchen, the potential high costs, and the lingering layout uncertainty, we decided to begin as simply as possible.  We just got a few pieces of temporary furniture that allowed the kitchen to function and then assumed we would just settle in for a few years until we felt up to this monumental task.  We have survived with minimal food prep space by utilizing a small portable table and have enjoyed the easy access to pantry items, pots, pans, and plates.

[Edit from Amy: This so called “unfitted” kitchen model has really grown on me. I understand why commercial kitchens have open shelving and movable stations un-affixed to the wall. It’s efficient and flexible. I appreciate the novelty of our makeshift set up and will be sad when we have real cabinets and no garage shelving. Our current kitchen has been simple, earthy and unpretentious.]

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