Lucy’s room is done!

From the first moment we saw the space that was to become Lucy’s room, we had a pretty clear vision of what it could be.   It has been one of our favorite projects and it couldn’t have turned out more perfect for our little girl. Of course, we couldn’t really blame people for not sharing that vision based on what it originally looked like:

[Edit from Amy: Especially considering that most people found that this space evoked nightmares and horror movie scenes.]

Our very first viewing off the room

It was dark, scary, and we weren’t really sure what might be lurking in the corners.  The most dominating feature of the room was this gigantic fan that was used to pull hot air out of the house.  Lucy’s room remained in this condition for many months as we worked on much more pressing areas of the house.  When we did finally have time to turn our attention to this room one of first jobs involved removing this fan and all the siding on the front gable.

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Lucy’s built-in bed and window trim

The kids’ rooms are slowly nearing completion.  We seem to be bouncing back and forth between these two rooms, possibly just procrastinating the final decorating decisions.  The first major project we completed in Lucy’s room (post-renovation) was the built-in dresser.  Next, we moved on to the window trim and built-in bed for Aiden’s room.  Now we are back to finish off Lucy’s room by taking care of her built-in bed and doing the final painting.

Before I get to the big reveal of this latest built-in project, I wanted to share some pictures and information about the other smaller projects that have brought us a little closer to finishing the kids’ rooms.  The award for least rewarding, least gratifying, and least glamorous project goes to Amy for her work on the exposed brick in Aiden’s room.  This brick hadn’t been touched in decades and was covered in dirt, grime, and additional debris from our renovation project.

Edit From Amy: These bricks were nasty. I made an abrasive paste using dish soap and salt to scour them. There was also quite a bit of spray insulation clinging to the bricks, especially near the ceiling, that needed to be chiseled off. While I can tell you that scrubbing bricks is not my favorite Sunday afternoon activity, they do look much cleaner. We plan to go over them with a sealant to help bring out the deeper colors of the bricks as well as make them resistant to absorbing any more dirt. After all, they are in Aiden’s room.

Here is a picture of the cleaning process…

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